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LED Flood Light

The best LED flood lights for sale


Whenever one needs a fixture to illuminate some large area outdoors, it is industrial and commercial flood lights from GS LIGHT that will never go amiss. What makes them such a coveted option for open-air applications is that they offer impressive luminous efficiency while reducing power consumption. Simply put, our LED flood fixtures are designed not only to produce a great deal of light that closely resembles natural lighting but also to help you lower your bills. With our LEDs, you will no longer have to pay thousands of dollars for electricity every month.


Gone are the days when everything got plunged into darkness moments after daylight hours. Now you can switch our flood lights on and keep working as if it’s noontime. It is all about exceptional brightness levels and high cost-effectiveness that you are being offered here!


What our commercial flood lights can be used for


It never gets dark with LED flood lights from GS LIGHT. Our fixtures have up to 140 lm/W in the luminous efficiency, which makes them way superior to other types of lighting. Owing to producing that much visible light, they are perfect fits for almost all commercial and industrial settings located outdoors. Be sure to buy the best LED flood lights from us if you need to illuminate something from the list below:
sports field;
parking lot;
industrial outdoor facility.


At GS LIGHT, we make sure our LEDs will serve you for years by using top-grade waterproof aluminum for the casing. It is designed to protect flood fixtures from rain, heavy snow, high winds, storms, severe temperature fluctuations, and other adverse weather conditions. Therefore, there is hardly anything that can affect the performance of our lights.


LED flood lights: Price and warranty


What makes GS LIGHT one of the go-to LED flood light manufacturers in China is that we always stand behind our customers and back up the quality of our products with warranties. We provide the coverage period of 3-5 years for all fixtures available in our range. This is our way of showing you the commitment of our company.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you want to request the price of LED flood lights from GS LIGHT. Also, it’s up to you to make a custom order. Keep in mind, though, that you should provide us with your unique specifications and project details.